KS Fasteners GmbH was founded as a trading company for special fasteners located in Düsseldorf, Germany by Kevin Sievers in 2011.

Kevin Sievers, who is also the managing director of our company, did his apprenticeship as a wholesaler at Max Mothes in Düsseldorf.
After graduating he increased his experience in the industry of special fasteners at Max Mothes and other well known wholesalers and manufacturers.
A long-time he supplied the energy sector of Siemens in a key account successfully.
In his latest position he was the sales manager for fastening elements at a laser cutting and edging manufacturer.
At KS Fasteners he is in permanent contact with our partners, both customers and manufacturers, in the purchase and sales department.

Our accountancy and administration is run very competently by Sabine Sievers, who has many years experience in these working fields.
Sabine Sievers is also the sales assistant at KS Fasteners.
The also very competent contact for our Spanish speaking partners mainly in the purchase and sales department is Beatriz Muñoz-Reina.
With this starting team we are very well prepared to meet our customers’ demands.
When necessary our team will be expanded.

Intensive partnerships with the leading German and European manufacturers of special fasteners and Cretschmar Cargo as our logistics partner allow us in company with our service to reach a high customer’s satisfaction and always gaining new partners.

At KS Fasteners everything is about our customers.

Our identity and at the same time demand and motivation are:
Quality, Competence, Service, Flexibility and Reliability