Our highest good at KS Fasteners is our customers’ satisfaction, and by that the quality of our service and our products.

By our very close collaboration with some of the leading manufacturers in Germany and the EU we don’t only give you big advantages in price and delivery-time, but also guarantee the highest quality standards.
Only clean and tested materials are used for our products. These materials are processed by the highest standards with a maximum precision.

To ensure the best service quality for you, our concept of customer-care is inspired by that of a key account and even extends that.
So we are available for you 24 hours a day, provide shortest response- and if requested shortest delivery-times, take the logistics and documentation for you and always stand by your side to help you with our long year experience and technical knowledge when needed.

In collaboration with the leading German wholesalers for standard parts, we also supply these without any own profit, when needed beside your special parts, for avoiding you work and cost of an additional order.

By combining the direct access to the production sites with an extended key-account service we surely take an exposed position on the market that we confirm by our competence and reliability.

At KS Fasteners we take our time for you and give you the feeling of trust in your supplier that you need for working with high-technical products such as special fasteners.

You can trust in us!